Welcome to Petersauto.  At the moment our website is only available in Spanish but feel free to browse our Portfolio, look through the pictures and look up our address on the contact page.

If you require any assistance please let us know at:

Costa Rica: 2222-5682 / 4034-1569 / 8423-4626

USA: (786)233-1684



Petersauto is a company specialized on providing very high quality services to automotive enthusiasts and people that demand a great deal of care and craftmanship for their automobiles.

We specialize in:

-Auto Restoration:

Full auto restoration from the ground up. We handle everything from getting the parts and bodywork to mechanicals and final detailing. World Class results for a great price!

Contact us if you are interested in importing your car to Costa Rica for restoration!

-Tuning, Customization, Design:

Lorinser Sportcenter Parts for your Mercedes Benz.

Performance and visual enhancements for your vehicle, make it one of a kind. From tuning engines to complete re-design of your car interior, exterior, custom dashboards etc.

-Hard to find auto parts (replacement and restoration):

A great alternative for very expensive locally sourced parts or for vehicles with no part availability in Costa Rica.

-Auto Repair / Maintenance:

We have the appropriate technicians and literature to repair most vehicles as well as the necessary parts suppliers in the US and Europe to ensure that 

even if you car is not mainstream we will be able to solve your problem. We take your car’s maintenance seriously and follow it as if it was our own.

-Quick Paint Restoration, Polishing  and Detailing:

Brings your paint back to it’s original condition, removes swirls, light scratches and restores color safely.

-Care care products (Meguiar’s):

Full Meguiar’s line of car care products available.



Thank You for taking the time to visit us, please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. Our staff speaks English fluently.

Petersautomoviles S.A.